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© Woolaston Parish Council 2017
Woolaston News - the village newsletter, is delivered free to every house in the civil parish.
The “Wooly News” is intended to be a source of information on the local activities of every interest group in Woolaston.
In the summer and winter editions, it is an page A5 booklet up to 42 pages long carrying much advertising and editorial copy.
The more discerning readers keep their copy as a reference to various goods and services.
In spring, the News is a single folded sheet, to update everyone on the more important events just past or near future. These editions do not as a rule carry advertising.

This publication began in the late ‘80s when new house building nearly doubled the centre of the village. A group of volunteers produced an information sheet as a welcome to incomers. For this reason it is still responsible to the Memorial Hall management committee.
Over the next few years the method of production changed from photocopying, manual assembly and delivery entirely by volunteers, to the present where once the whole thing has been assembled on a computer, the final electronic file is professionally printed and distributed.
After a major increase in advertising rates with the Summer 2010 issue, there is once again a small profit for the Memorial Hall.
A single sheet Spring issue produced at the request of the Parish Council, is covered by a small support grant from that body.
Copy, Advertising Deadlines and Contact
Interesting Copy is always welcome, it would be appreciated if you could submit copy as soon as you have it.
Advertisements are accepted at £30/whole page and pro rata.
Deadlines are the last day of June and November.
Please contact David Storrar, Roselea, Woolaston Common
Tel:528160       dstorrar160@btinternet.com
Woolaston News
* Following some production problems this file is a 34MB download. Sorry!