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The Community Orchard


In February Robin Larkham replaced the Walnut that had, unfortunately, died. It has been replaced by an apple called Arlingham Schoolboys and is, for those who understand these things, on M25 rootstock.

The Orchard Map

Members of Woolaston School Unveil Community Orchard Map

A map showing the trees planted in the Community Orchard has been unveiled by children from Woolaston School.

Woolaston Community Orchard

A local charity, the Arbourday Trust, with the support of the Parish Council, the Memorial Hall Committee and the Forest of Dean Council has established a Community Orchard for the benefit of the people of Woolaston on part of the land on the other side of the playing field from the Memorial Hall.  

The Hall Committee have agreed to the use of an acre of land and the Parish Council have agreed to look after the maintenance of the orchard for the longer term.

The Trust has been approved for a grant of £5,000 – 80% of the estimated total cost of the orchard and is raising the remaining 20% via local donations and fundraising.

Arbourday are very keen to make as many of the local people of Woolaston as possible aware of the proposal and have already got a great deal of  local support.
The Parish Council and the local Primary School have been involved in the proposal from the outset.

The orchard has been planted with a wide variety of fruit to include local and historical varieties and less common fruits and the intention is that, when the fruit becomes available it will be free to local people.

Current plans include the provision of benches alongside the orchard and a site map to explain the various types of fruit tree planted.

There are a number of other Community orchards in the County although almost all of them are on the other side of the River Severn. Most simply allow local people to come and help themselves, which seems to work well and it is hoped that the same will apply here.

If anyone has any questions about the orchard, or would like to be involved, please contact Robin Larkham on 07706 951532 or Norman Taplin on 07789 637657

The Orchard Layout

The Orchard Layout
2Ribston PippinApple
4King JamesMulberry
5Summer SunCherry
8Marjories SeedlingPlum
9Beurre HardyPear
10Marjories SeedlingPlum
11Winter NellisPear
12Marjories SeedlingPlum
15Merton GloryCherry
17Painted LadyPear
18Worcester PearmainApple
20Winter NellisPear
22Ribston PippinApple
24Adams PearmainApple
25Ashmeads KernalApple
26Painted LadyPear
28Summer SunCherry
29Merton GloryCherry
30Puckrupp PippinApple
33Adams PearmainApple
34Ashmeads KernalApple
38Puckrupp PippinApple
40Worcester PearmainApple