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The Memorial Hall

The Memorial Hall

The Memorial Hall is in the centre of Woolaston and easily accessed from A48. The outside windows of the Hall public rooms look out over fields to woodland. A splendid venue for special occasions, or a pleasant place to reserve for parties, promotions, and study courses. Built to the most recent standards for public use, the hall has seating for 110 people although there is a sound proofed folding wall divider which can facilitate two separate meetings at the same time. There is a well equipped kitchen and toilet facilities which include access for any disabled users and the building has oil fired under-floor heating throughout.

Though the Playing Field has a soccer pitch on part of it during the season there is a large field available during the rest of the year for organised camping. There is an attached but separate shower and toilet facility with its own access to the playing field which is intended to be used by team players after a soccer match, and for any associations which might choose to book a weekend camping on the field during the summer.

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Thinking of making a reservation?

If you you want to book the hall follow this link, which also shows a list of the regular Hall bookings.