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Budget and Precept Demand 2023-2024

Woolaston Parish Council has, reviewed their budget for the new financial year – April 2023 to March 2024 at the Council meeting on 9th December 2022 and set a budget of £24,400 for 2023-202 with a precept demand of £21,584.  The remainder of the Council’s income comes from Burial fees, refund of VAT paid the previous year and a Litter Agency Income.

The precept request means an increase of £2814, which is an 11% rise compared to 2022-2023.  These extra funds are required to prevent a further decrease in the Council’s reserves, which has occurred in recent years and as a result of increased inflation costs for all council activities / expenditure, will enable it to continue to provide the level of services it has been providing in recent years.  These include:

  • the maintenance of the cemetery and closed churchyard
  • dog bin collections.
  • litter picking within the parish, keeping roads and pavements clear
  • grass cutting and maintenance of the playing fields, playground and parklands, and some of the verges.
  • the inspection and management of all the trees on parish council land (and there are hundreds of them!)
  • ‘one off’ expenditure projects.

The average cost of these Parish Council services for a Band D household in 2022-23 is anticipated to be £37.09 (an increase of £1.50/4.21%) for the year.

WPC Budget 2023-2024

WPC Budget – pie chart